How do I get it together?

Here are the instructions to make out of a flat 2D paper a 3D hot air balloon modell!

First of all a technical overview of the parts - you can enlarge by clicking on it:

Get yourself in the right mood to craft. I personally like to start with a cigarette and a slug of beer. Insert died laughing turn up the volume and ...

... start to cut out part 1. The outer line (white and black) has to be cut off completely. Score the fold lines ( - • - • - • - • - ). Do the same with part 2.

Now use the seams to part 1 and 2 to connect them to a ring. Glue together all 24 seams of the envelope.

This will take some time - don't forget to reload your CD-player with some excellent early Caputo singles!

Go on with died laughing pure and perfect little monsters.

Already done the upper balloon envelope? Yes? Well done! Finish the top of the balloon with the parachute - parts 3 and 4, simple glue them together and close the gap of part 1 and 2! Important: put through the middle of part 4 a (invisible) thread, about 50 cm long and fix it from the inside f.e. with a small button.

Don't forget to take a rest! Doing paper craft should make fun - it's no problem to pause the project for a few days or even weeks. Just return to it when it feels right! OK, I'm ready for action. Part 5 and 6 should be placed with the x-marked half inside part 1 and 2. Assure that the coloured markings match with the envelope of the balloon.

Good news! Half of the balloon envelope is done!!!

Part 7 and 8 are similar to part 1 and 2 - easy job! 

Don't forget to work accurate, slow down and enjoy live monsters, hearts blood on your dawn and a fondness for hometown scars.

Allert! This is a tricky moment. You have to combine the balloon envelope. Slightly bend the seems part 5 and 6 inside and stick together both elements without using a glue. Get used to it by trying this several times. If you're feeling confident work with glue. Be sure that you got the right sides together and all ornaments match. Reccomendation: great crawling CD-single and dass-berdache (rarities and demo cuts)!

Wow! Looks like a hot air balloon. Only the "lunchbox" is missing. ; )

Form part 9 (scoop) to a ring. Use the seam to glue it together.

Cut out part 10 and bend the (white) strips upwards. Make out of part 12 and 13 (burners) cylinders and glue them on part 11. Stick this element now on part 10 (non-printed side!).

So silent ... Time for a very special EP: cheat!

Finishing move: Start the basket with part 14. Fix it with the seam and stick it on part 15. Insert part 16 and part 17 (colored side inward).

Part 18 is mounted on top of the basket. Stick the basket frame (parts 19 (inward) and 20 (outward)) together and fix it on part 18. Glue part 21 on the planned position of the basket (E² = mc)!

Stick part 9 into the opening of the lower envelope. Complete the hot air balloon by sticking the basket onto part 10. LOST AT 22? There's no part 22! YOU'RE DONE!!!

Hope you like your balloon - look out for a nice place for it and enjoy a balloon ride in mind with as much truth as one can bear, a real masterpiece by mina caputo!

look at me, look at all of me

i am not a man

i am not a woman

look at me, look at all of me

sew me back

together again